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Lifeline Descent, a new level of safety for emergency high rise escape.

Lifeline Descent is a last resort device for the emergency escape from high rise buildings. When all other avenues of escape have been exhausted, Lifeline Descent offers the reliability and safety of proven centrifugal brake technology. An innovative fusion of proven technology and new ideas, Lifeline Descent is characterised by its simplicity and versatility.

In extreme circumstances, occupants of high rise buildings may become trapped when conventional means of escape are no longer usable due to fire or electrical hazards, or structural instability. Furthermore, the very same risks to the trapped occupants may pose too great a risk to emergency response teams. In circumstance such as these, Lifeline Descent is able to meet the challenge due to its simplicity, user friendliness, compact nature and flexibility.

The LDS device is a "once only use device". It can only be used for one deployment and cannot be rewound.

The device will get you safely to the ground at a rate of approximately 1.2 meters/second.

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The simple solution to high-rise escape!


As a result of events such as the World Trade Centre crashes, changes to stairwell design have been recommended by the World Trade Centre Building Code Task Force. Despite the changes recommended by the task force the underlying problem still exists, as such the problem has not been fixed.   >>


Shortcomings in high rise safety, in particular emergency escape, have led to the design and manufacture of many alternative means of escape. Slides, lifts and collapsible cabins have all been proposed as means of providing an alternative escape route when traditional routes are not able to be used safely. . >>


Lifeline Descent has been designed and manufactured to meet the most rigorous national and international standards. It is these standards that will give occupants, developers and other relevant parties the confidence of employing Lifeline Descent as a means of emergency escape. Testing against the following standards from America, Europe and Australasia will help to ensure worldwide acceptance. >>


Designed and manufactured to meet demanding national and international standards Lifeline Descent is a response to public concern that has seen the development of many innovative devices. Some of these devices have application in limited situations, others represent a new danger in themselves, none of which offer the many advantages of Lifeline Descent. >>

Product Warning

LDS descent devices are safe to use, provided they are maintained, deployed and operated according to the manufacturer's instructions. Incorrect or inappropriate use of the device, or failure of the anchor point, could result in serious injury or death.

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Sale, customers are required to carefully read and apply our operating and safety instructions prior to any application or use of our products to meet operating, safety and warranty requirements.