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How to select your the correct LDS unit

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It is important to select the correct model LDS unit to suit your building.

If you live on the 4th floor of a 20 floor building which unit would be the right unit for you?

The unit is portable and it must be selected so that it can work from the highest point of the building which is usually the roof.

The roof is often the best place to exit from as it often gives more options to choose the safest and easiest way to do the descent.

The unit will operate from any point lower than the maximum Model specified height.

To estimate the height of the building take number of levels (floors) above ground level multiplied by 4 meters.


e.g. 20 floors x 4 meters = 80 meters.

Select a model number greater than 80.

The LDS 100 would be the correct choice.


The different models look similar but have different amounts of cable wound onto them. This makes a big difference to the weight of the unit.