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Lifeline Descent

Lifeline Descent has been designed and manufactured to meet the most rigorous national and international standards. It is these standards that will give occupants, developers and other relevant parties the confidence of employing Lifeline Descent as a means of emergency escape. Testing against the following standards from America, Europe and Australasia will help to ensure worldwide acceptance.

  • EN 341 and EN 360
  • BS353-1
  • ASNZS1891.1
  • CE0086
  • ASTM 2484-08

Lifeline Descent Systems has commissioned an independent design and testing firm to validate Lifeline Descent against the above mentioned standards of which all tests have been passed

Why Lifeline Descent?

  • Provides and emergency escape route that is external to the building, inaccessible stairwells can be bypassed.
  • Simple, affordable and compact. Suitable as a personal or family solution. Included harness can be fitted to persons with mobility impairments.
  • Requires minimal fixation making it a suitable solution for existing buildings and does not impose major cost when incorporated into new developments.
  • Does not require any external or internal power source for operations, enabling Lifeline Decent to operate in blackout situations or independently of support staff / resources.
  • Immediately available to occupants, time is of the essence and Lifeline Descent offers the advantage if immediate escape if necessary.
  • Requires no user input, fully automatic operations reduces stress on occupants and eliminates the possibility of user error resulting in injury or death.
  • Controlled rate of descent of less than 2 metres per second reduces stress and injury.